About the project

All Reitz Reserved is my very first instrumental project. Since three years I have been playing the electric violin. Exclusively electric!

In early 2013 I decided to make public what I have been doing for quite a long time. Jamming on pre-recorded loops!

Enjoying playing music, the opportunity to be creative, staying open-minded and the ability to popularize a mostly unknown instrument are the main goals of this non-professional music project.

This project allows creativity on a very high level – live on stage.

Apart from the parts I need to create the loops, the melodies are all improvised.
Which implies a high amount of flexibility and allows me to be able to play a huge variety of different events.
Starting with formal events through to nasty bar gigs and from subtle background music to high-gain shred shows.

About the Loops

Loop stations and the concept of live looping are mostly unknown to the broad project as far as I can say. This is why I decided to make an attempt to explain in a few words  what it is all about.

The loop station, or looper, is an essential part of the project. Actually it is my band, my best friend and worst enemy at the same.

It allows me to record myself live on stage. Furthermore it will start repeating these mini-recordings over and over. (=loops). Then I can go on and record and overdub these loops to create whole songs. There’s also a possibility to play pre-recorded tracks, although I prefer building the song one step after another, which makes it also easier for the audience to follow and understand the music.

Earlier I said that it can be your worst enemy too. Let me explain:

Loopers have great functionality, but they do also require a lot of concentration. It’s not all about playing the right notes. You’ll need the same focus to push the right buttons in the right moment.

Especially when creating the loops, there is no space for mistakes, unless you want to redo anything. If you do a mistake at the beginning of the song, you’ll better start again, otherwise your mistake will be repeated every 10 seconds for the next 5 minutes. Which can be very annoying.

But hey… that’s part of it.